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The basic idea is that the Fed helped Wall Street bankers get richer while everyone else had to suffer through tough times.

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The country is developing two hydro power dams expected toproduce 780MW between them

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“I have heard the statement from the Iraqi prime minister about his interest in getting the help of the Russian air force to fight terrorist positions in Iraqi territory

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The 48-year-old chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has never been shy about seeking leading roles in politics

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"Saying that, where we're at is not where we want to be

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"They couldn't be happier working for themselves."

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Levels are set out the same and are instantly familiar from the start

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7 to "present the company from the perspective of a stock market flotation," the company said in a statement on Monday

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“Now it's not a long history since we haven't had emails that long, as long as we've had them, I've gone longer and farther to be as transparent as possible

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(Reporting by Supriya Kurane and Subrat Patnaik in Bengaluru;Editing by Gopakumar Warrier and Ted Kerr)

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"The vast majority of mentally ill people are nonviolent, and the vast majority of gun violence is committed by non-mentally ill people," Oliver said

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After she died, Presley's wife Priscilla decided to adorn its original walnut finish with 24 karat gold-leaf as a gift for the couple's first wedding anniversary in 1968.

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by 2020, but not because the U.S

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Students or musicians were fined for entering a station carrying their musical instruments

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The ship had 28 crew members from the United States and five from Poland, and it was heading to Puerto Rico on a regular cargo supply run when it ran into trouble

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“I could never write a detective fiction set in a country vicarage,” he once said

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I felt like even though I was scared, I wanted to feel like I did something.”

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Almost all come with their own balcony, walk-in closets and en-suite facilities

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You get 17 penalties, that’s obviously a sign of lack of discipline

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Ayotte does not support government funding for Planned Parenthood, which has been questioned in recent months for providing fetal tissue from abortions for research

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WHO'S FOR REAL?: Five teams moved to 4-0

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How many of them do you know? From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.

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Donald Tsang, center, former leader of Hong Kong and his wife Selina arrive at a magistrates' court in Hong Kong Monday, Oct

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Reporters in the past have refused to use his official title as President and loosely called him by his last name

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Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington.The court mostly upheld a decision by a district court judge whohad ruled that the defendants had not infringed upon Interval'spatents.

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Alternatively, shop our favourite gothic glamorous lace dresses in the edit below to emulate Tori's vibe for less.

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"Obviously when he was alive, but since he passed away, you could see that he was still very much present in their lives

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This empowers participating HDMI Adopters to design and test their High Speed HDMI Cables for ultra-reliability and high performance typically needed for emerging 4K/UltraHD content.

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We will soon be announcing an interim coach to lead the team going forward.”

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However, Monmouth sources say the secret December board meeting - at which time the sale is supposed to be reconsidered - is still scheduled.

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"I really wonder if I deserve this," he said after learning he had won the prize

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"A better policy would be a better mix of monetary, fiscal, and other policies

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"Pregnancy is really a stress test for the cardiovascular system

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“It just set the tone for the game for the team,” said Fitzpatrick, who went 16 for 29 for 218 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT

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Spitting holds a peculiar power as an act of violence that does not involve any actual physical pain

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The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association has a seat on the TfL board; Uber drivers do not

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I support cutting subsidies not because I am an anti-green Conservative, but because I am a proud green Conservative, on the side of the consumer."

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The rig explosion on April 20, 2010, the worst offshore oil disaster in U.S

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China's Tu Youyou was awarded the other half of the prizefor discovering artemisinin, a drug that has slashed malariadeaths and has become the mainstay of fighting themosquito-borne disease

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"I do buy the argument there's an anti-politics mood in this country, in Europe, across the world you can see it with Syriza in Greece on the left or Donald Trump in America on the right, and ..

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15 since 1988, when President Ronald Reagan extended to 30 days what originally had been a week of celebrations established by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968.

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China's Tu Youyou was awarded the other half of the prize for discovering artemisinin, a drug that has slashed malaria deaths and has become the mainstay of fighting the mosquito-borne disease

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He was all set to move the Jets a long time ago, and he was all set to have the state of New Jersey take losing proposition called Monmouth Park off his hands as part of the deal

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Liverpool’s Champions League return was a disgusting no-show, and internal mistrust became more apparent

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Wedbush analyst David Nierengarten has said he also expects the company's gene therapy for achromatopsia patients to enter the clinic "shortly," with data expected in 2016.

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forces were not under direct fire in the incident and the air strike had not been called on their behalf, contrary to previous statements from the U.S

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We have gone through cycles ourselves and I think it's an opportunity for them to perhaps reassess where they want to go as a political force and what they want to achieve."

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Sometimes it was explaining waiting, checking, discussing,” she said.

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