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And over the past five years, National Beverage's earnings have increased by an average of 8%

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The staff involved were also very upset by what happened and lessons have been learnt

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Some guys will have their their wife, girlfriend, and perhaps their kids at Pennyhill Park with them

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tariffs on Japanese cars and light trucks.

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Ice is indispensable, of course, and should be nothing more elaborate than cubes in a Ziploc bag, with water to keep the temperature above 32 degrees so that you don’t get freezer burn

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So be prepared to use some charm and humour and try something like: ‘I know you will want to hear the end of what I have to say."

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The column and blog are named after Walter Bagehot, an English journalist who was the editor of The Economist from 1861 to 1877.

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The hearing comes as the Saudi-led coalition against Houthi rebels is being blamed for killing more than 130 people in a missile strike against a wedding party Sept

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The Viking mission set the standard for spacecraft cleanliness

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16 debate, Fiorina emerged as the most effective candidate in taking on front-runner Donald Trump, chastening the celebrity real estate magnate for his controversial comments about her looks.

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On Monday, she will vow to use executive power to expand background checks for sellers at gun shows and online and back legislation banning domestic abusers from purchasing guns.

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And one man whose story almost embodies the Silicon Valley spirit agrees with that view

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With 3:51 to play and the Giants comfortably ahead by two TDs, Manning dropped back on third-and-goal from the 8, passing on a second straight down, and jammed a slant pass to Randle

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Bernie Sanders or the possible late entry of Vice President Joe Biden.

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But the Senate has proposed to slash two thirds of that money and the House of Representatives wants to eliminate all of it

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She is often mentioned as a potential vice presidential candidate.

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The employees were protesting plans to cut nearly 3,000 jobs over the next two to three years, the spokeswoman said

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They cite the way in which the bad guys – Isil, Al Qaeda terrorists – changed their methods of communication

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In June 2014, the republic deposited $539 million in BNYMellon's account at the Central Bank of Argentina, earmarked forexchange bondholders

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The memorial has the year 1900 written on its foundation and was likely erected that year, the Black Hills Pioneer ( ) reported

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The U.S., South Korea and their allies say North Korea's launches are disguised tests of its long-range missile technology that are banned by the United Nations

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The Giants have the three players on the list: Madison Bumgarner at No

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It would also transfer its European frozen food businesses, excluding pizza

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Jeb Bush hesitated when asked whether he agreed with Cruz

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As it happened I had an appointment in Calacoto, at another recent European innovation that confounds preconceptions of La Paz

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But the principle was the same; it was a symbol of clocking off and kicking back, engaging in grown-up and sometimes not-so-grown-up conversation

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Crowdfunding can be a better step for a small businesses entering growth phase.”

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The military said it did not know which country the MIG-29 belonged to.

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Myrtle branches, palm fronds and etrogs are used in rituals during Sukkot, which begins at sundown on Sunday

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Bankruptcy Court,District of Delaware, Case No: 15-12055

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It has also accused Saudi authorities of failing to quickly grant access to the dead and wounded and of being slow to facilitate the repatriation of remains.

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"However, given the proliferation and popularity of television and digital devices, traditional activities like coloring can seem unexciting in comparison."

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The move comes after two high school students asked the school board to let students be non-voting board members

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"Our economies, our livelihoods and our food all depend on our oceans," he said, "and yet we know that our actions are changing them

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While Cruz angered Senate Republican leadership with comments he made after they blocked his procedural attempt to force the Planned Parenthood issue, state Rep

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We will get to the bottom of this."

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The information included registered names, email addresses, posts, shipping addresses and some billing addresses added before 2014.

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That was what we preached all week

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Carter allegedly approached the boy as he and his family arrived for Mass services at the church on Sunday, Sept

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PRESS COVERAGE: The Colts will continue to see press coverage and more blitzes until they prove they can throw dep

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But as well as processing and rehoming refugees the authorities in Greece need to tackle the debris from tens of thousands of voyages.

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First to respond were the police and ambulances – on the scene in minutes

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The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against abasket of six major currencies, advanced after sliding to 95.218on Friday

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and NATO shifted to a support and training role at the end of last year, officially ending their combat mission in the war-torn country.

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The death brings to two the number of Palestinian youths killed on Monday in clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli troops

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Now, the idea of a private space station isn't as far-fetched as it may once have seemed.

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The term "suffrajitsu" soon came into common use.

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"This is indeed a glorious moment," said Li Chenjian, a vice provost at prestigious Peking University

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Major banks actually killed much of the appetite for loans among small businesses because if you are told ‘no’ enough times, you simply stop asking.”

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The discipline things, you know, I get it

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The value in the understated is no longer understood; few people seem to appreciate that being Number Two is an achievement in itself.

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“As they upgrade their equipment, consumers expect to fully enjoy the 4K/UltraHD features that the HDMI Specification enables

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Progressives acknowledged the doctrine but sought wiggle room in pastoral practice.

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The reality is the truth lies somewhere in between

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Nestlhief executive Paul Bulcke: "We are pleased to be in talks with R&R and its owner PAI Partners

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The Utes are getting a lot of love with their road win against No

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