The team at Made in India is excited to use this film as a springboard for discussion to make sure that a broad range of audience members can see the film and dialogue.

In India the film is an excellent tool to allow the surrogates and agents to openly discuss questions of rights and health within the context of their work. It is also a great educational tool to raise awareness about the subject’s issues and concerns amongst community members and students.

Please browse though the Voices section of this website to see some audience reactions to the film screened in conjunction with our Partners. The aim of the Voices project is to highlight the voices of the surrogates who are often marginalized in the mainstream debate, and to also present the voices of a larger mainstream viewer. We are committed to making sure that all voices are heard on this matter - including real-life surrogates, donors, agents, commissioning parents, students, activists, policy-makers and more!

We are currently screening both the English version and a Hindi-dubbed version of the film in India and across the globe.

If you’re interested in hosting a community screening or a workshop then contact us here.

And to access the accompanying toolkit, download this.

(The “Toolkit” drafted with the help of Daisy Deomampo is a one-page hand-out that can be shared with potential and active surrogates, to assure that they leave the screenings with concrete ideas about questions they can ask to help ensure a more transparent and safe practice for themselves.)