Mumbai Mirror

Legal, ethical and medical to-dos suggested by top experts in surrogacy

Mumbai Mirror

“Womb Trade Relations”

CNN/IBN Face The Nation

Should foreign gay couples be allowed to opt for surrogate children from India?

Pagina 12

“In Argentina, the theme rang loud”

First Post

Surrogacy and homophobia: India bans gay parents

Journal of American Medical Association

Journal of American Medical Association.pdf

“Even a single case such as this points out the need for a far more coherent and serviceable international regulatory effort to govern this area of health care.”

Educational Media Reviews Online

“This is a highly recommended film with great insight into an emerging international trend.”


Report on surrogacy highlighting Made in India (Min 1:15)

Video Librarian

“Sure to spark discussion, this is recommended”


Herald Gazette

“Explore the power of film in storytelling and its potential role in generating powerful social change”

Time Out Mumbai

“From establishments in Bandra to companies across the world, surrogacy benefits many people but leaves behind a string of ethical issues in its wake.”

The Economist Film Project

View excerpts of ‘Made in India’ on PBS News Hour as part The Economist Film Project’s work to showcase Independent documentary filmmakers from around the world.

Brooklyn Eagle

Award Winning Doc… selected to be part of the The Economist Film Project (EFP)

PBS NewsHour

‘Made in India’ Explores the Business of Surrogacy, From America to India

Bangalore Mirror

“Desi documentaries making waves”

“compelling story….the filmmakers create an arena for consideration of third world surrogate parenting from an ethical point of view.”

Green Room Orlando

Florida Film Festival Award Winners

Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature - Made in India

“dives head-first into a number of hot topics”

The Hindu (Arts section)

“Within the framework of non-fiction narrative, the film keeps the proceedings entertaining and dramatic”


“An engrossing look at the benefits and perils of “medical tourism.”


Winner, Best Film at San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival: Made in India, Dirs. Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha

Jury Statement: “An unflinching and surprising look at a rapidly growing industry that puts women’s bodies on a new global market.”

The Bay Area Reporter

“Provides a blow by blow account”

The Asian Reporter

“Made in India offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of “procreative tourism”

The Hindu, New Delhi

“Extremely absorbing, the film deals head on with the reproductive tourism business valued at over $450 million”

“The film does not judge, it only states and allows the viewer that prerogative.”

The Women's Media Center

“Without judging the parties involved, two Brooklyn documentarians present an award winning story of those most vulnerable in what has become a global industry.”


‎“‘Made in India’ is a powerfully poignant and sobering film”

ART Hound

‎”Haimowitz and Sinha act as fly-on-the wall documentarians, capturing the moment by moment complexities”

Friday Review, Delhi

Post New Delhi Premiere at Asian Women’s Film Festival

“This year the motley audience groups at the festival were spoilt for choice, one of the remarkable films being “Made in India”

News India Times

“”Made in India,” has had a successful opening in India at the International Film Festival in Jaipur.”

India Abroad

“A timely tale”

Bio Edge

Interview on ITV, New York

Interview with Renee Lobo

Generations Ahead

“The trailer for Made in India so viscerally evoked the smells and sounds of India that I felt homesick.”

We Are Movie Geeks

“The documentary is a fantastic emotional and scientific journey of an infertile couple and the surrogate.”

Gender Across Borders

“What’s wonderful about this documentary is that there is no desire to flatten out these complexities.”

Common Dreams

“The heavy cost of the Nobel Prize”

Elevate Difference

“I was surprised by how much this film made me care about the issues it brings up”

Times Herald Record

“At Woodstock, films bring the world into focus”

Nature Medicine

“”Made in India”, explores the touchy issues of family, technology, and poverty”

Center for Genetics & Society

“Made in India tackles questions that have no easy answers.”

Real Screen

“Made in India, which made its world premiere at Toronto’s Hot Docs, was one of a handful of documentaries at the festival to receive an added screening, and for good reason. The doc takes a balanced approach to the sensitive issue of Westerners looking to the Third World for surrogacy.”

Council for Responsible Genetics

“What began in the 1980s with the Baby M case has exploded into a vast fertility-industrial complex that spans the globe. The two major players in this drama are India and the United States.”

Toronto Star

(Sidebar mention) “The issue of surrogate pregnancies in India gets the big-screen treatment in the documentary Made in India.”


Liz Braun

Liz Braun, entertainment reporter/film critic for the Toronto Sun and QMI Agency, jam! Showbiz: MADE IN INDIA “is a must-see proposition.”


From a blogger who caught the World Premiere at Hot Docs. “Fantastic and fascinating,” “Wonderfully crafted and engaging from the get-go.”